Add Transect

When creating a new project, you will see the Add Transect panel above.

Provide a name for the transect, and then select a text file (.txt or .csv) that contains the x,z coordinates of the transect. A default value for the Manning’s coefficient (“n”) must be specified as well. A default of .03 is provided, but that can be changed as appropriate. It is not possible to change the Manning's n after a transect has been added.

Select Add to add the transect to the project. A project can have multiple transects, added one at a time. For example, ASCE 7 requires at least three transects to be considered; all three can be added at this step.

Transects must have unique names. When naming the transects, keep in mind that the transects are ordered alphabetically.

Note: Transects can be added to and deleted from existing projects via the Transect menu from the main panel.

Details on the required formats of the transect text files are discussed here.

Select Done when you are finished. The project's main panel will appear.