Create New Project

When the Create New Project panel appears, the fields are blank. First, provide a project name. Here we are creating a project called Hilo. When the project is saved, it will be stored in the Hilo.egl file.

You must also select a project folder, either by typing the folder name or using the folder chooser button.

The units (feet or meters) must also be chosen from the dropdown menu. All input and output will use the selected units.

Finally, the type of EGL analysis must be selected from the dropdown menu. Here, we have chosen the default Standard EGL, which is the most common. The other option is Overwash EGL, which is not common and is discussed later. An Overwash EGL is the special case when the site is, for example, on an overwashed island, peninsula or isthmus, and the tsunami flows into a second body of water, per ASCE 7-16 Supplement 1, effective December 12, 2018.

When OK is selected, you will be presented with the Add Transect panel. A project must have at least one transect.